About Willi Bender

WilliBender is an international art project based in Bergheim/Heidelberg/Germany. WilliBender transforms and develops empty or former commercial spaces into spots where new forms of creativity, art, and life may come into existence. Our artists, coming from all over Europe, are temporarily living, working and developing their ideas for exhibitions, performances and art-shows at WilliBender/Heidelberg.

All the creatives we present at WilliBender follow the idea of expressing their artistic freedom within their own concepts that may transgress former borders in the areas of photography, design, graffititi, painting or other forms of visual image-making.

In this respect installations and curations at WilliBender are not necessarily restricted to art that falls into established categories. The ideological, cultural and sensory inputs we absorb are manifold as we try to express the interaction between human mind and environment in a globalised world. For what inspires us most is the intensity of contemporary global mobility in terms of people and ideas.

WilliBender stands for flexible thought, concept and place, changing perspectives, urban arts, music and more…