Hailing from a traditional graffiti writer background, Adnate, like many other street artists, is a self taught painter – with his preference of medium Aerosol Enamel. Adnate has quickly has become well known for his realist portraiture on the street aligned with high energy abstract backgrounds. He is well known for his collaboration with other established street artists in large scale murals, for example Shida and Adnate’s 6 storey high portrait in Melbourne. He recently painted the Australian Model Samantha Harris for his most recent Archibald Entry, which was included in the Salon des Refusés (Archibald) exhibition.

Adnate’s work focuses on the idea of portraiture as a means of communication. His primary fields of work focus on his Aboriginal subjects; he is interested in the mainstream opinion of Aboriginal rights in Australia, and the general perception of the Indigenous population. Alongside this, he also has a series of works ‚Pretty Girls Make Graves‘, in which he examines traditional aesthetics and perceptions of beauty. This is done while contrasting sumptuous partial portraits of beautiful women’s faces executed completely in Aerosol enamel, against violent washes of dynamic colour, harsh graffiti writing, and slices of textured repetitive lines and continuous natural strokes. In this series his works are all at once beautiful and challenging, and, similar to the works of his Aboriginal subjects – he seeks to make the viewer reconsider the inclination of their natural gaze and their subsequent judgement and assessment of what is commonly considered a pleasant (mainstream) aesthetic.